Friday, March 1, 2013

A Change of Season

Not the weather, I have been loving all the snow around here, but a season of life.  So much has happened since my last post.  We have been traveling, homeschooling, praying, living, loving, worshiping...being.  I find myself suddenly (and not so suddenly) homeschooling a first grader, watching an almost 5yo grow, and getting nervous/excited about the impending first day of Parents Day Out for the 2 1/2yo.  Whoa!

The season of life we are in is all about family.  We have embraced homeschooling for many reasons, not the least of which is the flexibility it gives us to travel and explore.  We have put more miles on our minivan in the last two months that the last year total, stayed in no less than 5 hotels in that time, and played in the sand, hiked around waterfalls, built snow forts/slides/castles, and spent amazing time with family and friends near and far.  We are actually considering renting a camper (RV) and taking off for a while this fall.

We have also set our feet firmly on the road toward adoption...yes, adoption.  Our homestudy is complete, we have put together a profile, and we are almost ready to list with an agency.  Wow.  You may be thinking (because we often are), "isn't life crazy enough with three kids?"  Well, yes.  However, we have more love to give, more room to share, and more adventures to take - why wouldn't we explore adoption?

So, there you are...or rather, here we are.  Looking forward to using this platform to keep track of our adventures to come!