Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back online...sort of

Whew, switching computers is really a mess! Mine finally bit the dust so I got a new one as my Christmas present (and birthday, and mothers day, etc.). I think I like it. I ended up getting a bigger screen on this one, so everything about it is a little bigger - including the keyboard! I have really ratcheted up the typos because my fingers aren't used to stretching so far to find the right keys.

Unfortunately I don't have all of my programs loaded just yet, but I'm getting there. I guess it gives me a chance to determine what I really need and what I can do without! Hopefully I won't have to do this again for another few years!

Hmmm...right now I think I'll download some of my photos so I can at least change the background on the desktop!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Almost standing alone!

This picture was right before he got really into chewing on the toy and fell backwards. He is getting so big!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fake Empathy Gone Wrong

I woke up this morning to several tweets about a new ad appearing on Motrin's website. The ad campaign attempts to empathize with moms, saying "we feel your pain." Great concept, extremely poor execution. The ad at the center of the mounting controversy has a voiceover of a "mom" talking about how much of a pain it is to wear your baby and how she does it for her child, but only because it is fashionable and/or "supposedly" good for them.

Really? Generations of women across the globe have been wearing their babies for fashion? The countless women today that wear their babies do so based upon the idea that it is "supposedly" good for them? Really? You feel my pain as a mother?

I think not. Countless studies have shown real, measurable (i.e. proven) benefits to wearing your child. Even if there were NO scientific evidence that wearing your child was beneficial for the child I would wear my children. I wear them to be close to them, I wear them to comfort them, I wear them to comfort myself, I wear them because it is more convenient that a stroller, I wear them because it is easier than lugging around a baby in an infant seat, I wear them because I love them...I could go on.

I do not wear them because of scientific research (although it is nice when studies prove what moms have known all along). I do not wear them because it is fashionable (although we are blessed that mainstream culture has found it acceptable and that has increased the choices we have for carriers and accessories).

Motrin hasn't shown empathy, they have just ticked us off. Do you need proof of that? This morning when I first heard about this ad, other moms on Twitter were tagging their tweets with #motrinmoms. Curious, I googled motrinmoms (ironically as I was trying to decide which carrier to take with me to church) and got 50 results. This afternoon I refreshed my earlier google search and found 1,390 results. I think there is even a Facebook page now!

I hope that the ad execs get a virtual hailstorm of responses from us. I want to say that someone deserves a bad day tomorrow, but alas, nobody deserves a bad day. I just hope this is a learning experience!

I am proud of all of the moms and dads out there who have reacted to this ad. I hope that our responses will send a clear message to Motrin. We aren't idiots, don't insult us by treating us like idiots. Does my back hurt after a long day spent carrying my child in a carrier? Yes (how badly depends on the carrier). But to suggest that I do it for fashion or because there are merely supposed benefits is insulting.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Babywearing...Not just for moms!

In honor of International Babywearing Week Stephanie over at Adventures in Babywearing is celebrating all week. She has invited fellow babywearing bloggers to join the celebration by posting their babywearing stories, photos, and tips.

One thing I love is that babywearing is not just for moms!

So celebrate the baby and the babywearers in your life by blogging about it. Share your link at Adventures in Babywearing and you could win a sling from Nonny & Boo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look at this big boy standing up!

I can't believe he is so strong and mobile already! Time has flown by.
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Table shots...

My MIL had the greatest idea. When she wanted one of her kids to keep occupied when they were still in the just lay there phase she would put a comfy blanket in the middle of the kitchen table, lay them on their backs, and let them look up at the ceiling/lights/etc. She discovered with grandchild #7 that they would also enjoy looking at themselves in the mirrored tiles of her table!

So, while visiting there a few weeks ago we had a photo shoot (or two or three) on her kitchen table! Here are a couple of the best shots (that room gets great natural light as well):
Even a few short weeks later we are beyond our window where this works. He is perfecting the army crawl right now and I have no doubt he will be really crawling soon. Maybe it is time for something like the Stepping Stone Play Mat to capture his attention and get him going. MomDot has a review about it (and a giveaway!). Hmmm...maybe for Christmas, or would that be too late?

The perfect Christmas gift for Katherine!

This thing looks really cool! I know I am a gadget freak and my children will likely be influenced by my love of all things electronic (you should see the way Jack already lunges for electronics - remotes, cell phones, cords, iPods, etc.).

So, a Christmas idea for Katherine - how about the VTech Create-A-Story. Melanie over at Livin With Me! is giving one away. What a great gift idea!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He's a trooper!

Poor little guy has his first ear infection. Jack went in for his 6 month check-up last week. Doc said he looks great...other than the virus he was apparently sporting (fever, rash, no big deal really). So, we couldn't get his shots at that visit and had to schedule a visit for this week hoping he would be over the virus. Well, he is over the virus (no more fever, etc.), but has an ear infection. No wonder he hasn't been sleeping!

Despite being a little cranky and a little clingy, he has really been super smiley and active. He has started pulling himself up to standing and is almost really crawling. He does this cute army-crawl kind of thing, but doesn't lift his body off the floor in order to get places. So, gone are the fleeting days where I can set him down somewhere and expect him to be there for more than a few seconds!

He is chewing on absolutely EVERYTHING so I hope he actually cuts some teeth soon. We will all sleep a little better that way, I think!

He LOVES his big sister. She is quite a ham and provides no shortage of opportunities for him to smile, laugh, and grab. Now that he is a little more mobile, she is learning how quickly he will grab her stuff. She is definitely not a fan of that!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

running for fun.jpg

Do you remember what it felt like to run just because it was fun?
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bad day for college football in our house

Ugh, so both Michigan and Georgia lost today. Not a great day for watching college football in our house. First we listened to the Michigan game on XM. Then we watched the Georgia game on TV. At least Michigan had a chance, Georgia was just disgraceful!

I am thankful for caller ID on days like this so I can choose not to answer the phone when my Gator-lovin brother calls to talk smack (sorry Kevin). Oh well, I really didn't think we were going to win anyway. After our end-zone celebration last year I figured the Gators would be pretty ticked! This game is always so emotional - even if we were better than they were it wouldn't guarantee a win.

I guess I just have to start rooting for a third SEC national champion, it just won't be Georgia!