Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He's a trooper!

Poor little guy has his first ear infection. Jack went in for his 6 month check-up last week. Doc said he looks great...other than the virus he was apparently sporting (fever, rash, no big deal really). So, we couldn't get his shots at that visit and had to schedule a visit for this week hoping he would be over the virus. Well, he is over the virus (no more fever, etc.), but has an ear infection. No wonder he hasn't been sleeping!

Despite being a little cranky and a little clingy, he has really been super smiley and active. He has started pulling himself up to standing and is almost really crawling. He does this cute army-crawl kind of thing, but doesn't lift his body off the floor in order to get places. So, gone are the fleeting days where I can set him down somewhere and expect him to be there for more than a few seconds!

He is chewing on absolutely EVERYTHING so I hope he actually cuts some teeth soon. We will all sleep a little better that way, I think!

He LOVES his big sister. She is quite a ham and provides no shortage of opportunities for him to smile, laugh, and grab. Now that he is a little more mobile, she is learning how quickly he will grab her stuff. She is definitely not a fan of that!

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