Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Table shots...

My MIL had the greatest idea. When she wanted one of her kids to keep occupied when they were still in the just lay there phase she would put a comfy blanket in the middle of the kitchen table, lay them on their backs, and let them look up at the ceiling/lights/etc. She discovered with grandchild #7 that they would also enjoy looking at themselves in the mirrored tiles of her table!

So, while visiting there a few weeks ago we had a photo shoot (or two or three) on her kitchen table! Here are a couple of the best shots (that room gets great natural light as well):
Even a few short weeks later we are beyond our window where this works. He is perfecting the army crawl right now and I have no doubt he will be really crawling soon. Maybe it is time for something like the Stepping Stone Play Mat to capture his attention and get him going. MomDot has a review about it (and a giveaway!). Hmmm...maybe for Christmas, or would that be too late?

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  1. Aren't you just a little blogging machine today? :)
    I love that picture of Jack staring at himself in the table reflection. What a cool idea.
    Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.