Friday, May 30, 2008

I Just Wanted To Brush My Teeth

...or teesh as Katherine seems to call them. Yesterday was a day of pushing limits for the big sister. We started the day with James leaving ridiculously early and Katherine coming in to sleep with Jack and I for a couple more hours (so we got up around 10am instead of 7am). When we finally did really wake up, Jack was content for a few minutes hanging out in the boppy in the middle of our bed (big king-sized bed, young infant, no risk of rolling off) and Katherine was content to watch Sesame Street in our bed. So, I thought this was a great opportunity to change clothes and brush my teeth to get ready for the day. Of course, leaving a toddler in bed alone with an infant isn't the best idea so I was a mere few feet away in our bathroom and came back in every few seconds to check on them.

The first time I returned to the room Jack had started to fuss a little so Katherine, being the caring big sister that she is, decided to put her fingers in his mouth as she has seen me do out of desperation when he is wailing in the car and I can't do anything else to help him. So, I walk in on this scene and calmly remind her that only mommy and daddy can put things in Jack's mouth...who am I kidding, I freaked out a tiny bit so probably wasn't as calm as I thought I was being. This dialogue occurred while I had a toothbrush hanging out of my I returned to the bathroom.

The second time I returned to the room (mere seconds later) I found her scooting toward him on the bed with the baby nail clippers on her hands. My heart jumped into my throat and I, less than calmly, reminded her that only mommy and daddy are allowed to use the nail clippers. I returned to the bathroom again.

The third time I looked into the bedroom it was after running the water for a few seconds so they were out of earshot. I found Katherine leaning over Jack with the medicine dropper from the infant gas drops in his mouth. GASP I was definitely not calm this time. After yelling NO a couple of times I regained my composure enough to remind Katherine that only mommy and daddy can give medicine to either she or Jack.

The take-away lesson from my morning - having semi-dangerous things at arms reach is convenient, especially in the middle of the night, but probably not worth the temptation they create for a well-meaning big sister.

This leads us to boundary issue #4 for the day. I don't recall exactly where I was going, but at some point that day I had both kids in the car and we were headed somewhere (Target, I think). Jack was getting a little fussy and I glanced in the rear-view mirror in an effort to see the terribly myopic view that the mirror on the headrest in front of Jack provides. Initially I thought Katherine had her hand on Jack's head, attempting to comfort him. When I looked back a few seconds later (I check on both of them compulsively while driving) I realized that it wasn't her hand on his head, but her foot! I had not processed the first time around that due to her 5-point harness in her carseat, she was physically incapable of patting his head with her hand (unless her arm grew a few feet). She really didn't understand why it upset me that she was resting her foot on his head - in her mind it was as good as her hand and she was trying to be a good big sister by comforting her fussy brother!

I am sure that I will be begging for (or demanding) her help at some point in the future, but right now her "help" isn't always the most helpful. I need to learn how to balance providing learning opportunities in which she can help with my need to do it myself because it is quicker or safer. Oh well, we'll make it through...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

My sister-in-law sent me the link to this YouTube video. I still have goosebumps. I am trying to embed the video on the sidebar, but in case it doesn't work here is the link. This is not from my church but the stage area makes it look a lot like the church we attend. It definitely makes you think...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We have had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Cincinnati. The temperature has been warm, but not too warm and the skies have been clear, providing lots of sunshine. The kids on our street have been outside almost non-stop (as have most of the parents). We've bbq-ed at two different friends' houses and enjoyed some great hang-time. We are so thankful for the friends that God has brought into our lives here in Cincinnati. They open their homes to us and invite us to hang out with them and their extended families on weekends like this when family time is the norm.

Speaking of family, Memorial Weekend will always remind me of my family. Since my mother's birthday is May 24th, it falls on or near the holiday weekend every year. So, I hope you had a wonderful birthday mom! I love you so much and can't wait to see you in August. My grandfather's birthday is just a few days later, so Papa, I hope you have a great birthday too! I'll call you on Tuesday. I love you both so much! Happy Birthdays!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Simply Flirty

OK, SIMPLE has done it again. Today they have a review up for Flirty Aprons. So CUTE! I have to say wearing one of these must make doing the dishes a little bit more fun. Although, now that I think of it an apron would probably be most useful when I'm baking. I'm more apt to enjoy baking rather than doing dishes anyway. Oh well, it is worth a try - anything to make dishes more exciting! I am particularly fond of the Blue Chocolate design - very fun color combination. So, if you are even remotely domestically inclined head over to Simple to see the review and then head to Flirty Aprons to see their selection!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog Posts After Midnight?

Now I remember why my mom said she would name her book "Letters After Midnight." At about the two week mark in Jack's short life he decided that sleep in the middle of the night was overrated. In all fairness to him, I think he is exhibiting most of the signs of colic or as Dr. Sears puts it, he sounds like a "hurting baby." Poor guy is pretty gassy. I can't tell if it is something in my diet. Even with burping him after feedings (and sometimes during) he has bouts of what appears to be pain. He draws his legs up like a frog, then straightens his entire body out rigid as a board, then jerks his legs up again.

I think I may need to try cutting many of the usual suspects out of my diet to see if it helps his distress. Unfortunately that may mean not eating much of the great food that people have been generous enough to bring for us in the two weeks we've been home with Jack. Oh well, James and Katherine will still benefit from these offerings!

On another note, I seem to have failed miserably at keeping up with project 365. I can't imagine why (ha ha), I've only just brought home baby #2 and James has gone back to work full-time (including traveling). I just can't seem to keep up with taking a picture EVERY day. I still pledge to have the camera out more and take more pictures of the kiddos than I had been taking before. I just don't think I'll be able to take a picture every day. Oh well, it is a great idea!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cool Site

I just found a really cool mom blog (thanks Farrah!). It is called SIMPLE and it is full of reviews and giveaways. One of their latest review/givaways is for a really cool Growth Graph. It is like a poster-sized baby book and scrapbook all in one.

I am super excited about the blog though. It looks like there are regular reviews and giveaways, not to mention great links and a ton of coupon codes for other mom-oriented sites/stores. Yet another great blog to add to my RSS/Atom feed!

Beautiful Spring Day

Today has been one of the most beautiful days we have seen this spring. Cincinnati weather is pretty fickle this time of year (well...most of the year) so we have had wide variations in the temperature and precipitation. But, today has been beautiful. Temp in the 70's, sunny, and just a tad breezy.

I took my camera out to get some shots of Katherine and the flowers and leaves on the plants/trees in our yard. I can't tell you how much I love the way that the sunlight filters through the big tree in our front yard. Seeing the occasional ray of sunshine that has fallen on a colorful flower and catching it on film is a happy occurrence.

My one complaint about this time of year (although I'm sure I could think of more, but it is too pretty today) is the impending onslaught of caterpillars. The first few have shown themselves over the last week. Give it a couple of days/weeks and we will have hundreds of them in various stages of development (including the dead ones) clinging to every surface (eating my small tree by the front porch, plastered to the sides of the house, etc). The only invasion worse is that of the 17 year cicadas which I got my first exposure to four years ago - yuck.

Katherine is hysterical when she comes across one of the caterpillars (or any bug for that matter). She squeals with absolute delight, calling anyone within earshot over to look at whatever creature she has found. She will even let some things crawl on her hands - although if they get too close to her arms/sleeves she gets a little panicked. Maybe she has some of her mama's curiosity in her (which led me to major in biology in college). I hope she doesn't develop an irrational fear of things like bugs, lizards, frogs, etc. I would hate for those squeals of delight to turn into shrieks of revulsion (although she doesn't have to love EVERY bug, I certainly don't). Oh well, we'll see.

So far other than a passing interest in princesses, crowns, and dress-up she isn't an extreme girly-girl. I rather like the rough-and-tumble version of my daughter. I am sure my mother finds this dynamic rather comical since she had to force me to wear skirts or dresses when I was in junior high and high school. I swore I would wear pants in my wedding (luckily I relented on that by the time I actually had a wedding) and I have never been much for jewelry, makeup or high-maintenance hair.

I am still not a fan of skirts or dresses other than for special occasions (and if there is a suitable pants outfit for those I would still prefer that) and it takes something pretty formal for me to do more than blow-dry my hair or put on more than chapstick or lip gloss. It will be interesting to see how Katherine's tastes develop. I will try to be reasonably supportive in whatever direction she goes!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two weeks of pictures for my 365

Sleepy boy! 5/10/08
As a friend once said: Real men wear pink! 5/9/08
Snug as a bug... 5/8/08
Who's wide awake in the middle of the night? 5/7/08

Awesome day at the park 5/6/08
Future babysitters 5/5/08
Playing on our very own playground 5/4/08
Multitasking 5/3/08
In my nursing throne 5/2/08
Proud Big Sister 5/1/08

Prou Mama and Daddy 4/30/08

Welcome to the world sweet boy! 4/29/08

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lots To Catch Up On

Wow, this has been a crazy week! When last we "spoke" it was my anniversary, I was looking forward to an actual date with my husband, and I really wished I could welcome our baby sooner rather than later. Well, we had a wonderful date. We went to my favorite pizza place in the world, ordered the best meatball pizza around, and followed it up with some of Cincinnati's best ice cream. For those who know about Cincinnati ice cream - we prefer Aglamesis to Graeter's. We were still home early enough to watch a movie with Katherine before heading to bed. It was a great anniversary!
Monday was relatively uneventful other than an increase in the number and intensity of the Braxton-Hicks contractions (which just put me in a bad mood). Katherine and I ran some errands, stopped at the Servati bakery for a cookie, and made our way home. We both napped for a while and I woke up ravenous for a good gyro. I told James that the baby needed a gyro so we packed up and went to a great local place that has apparently been there for over 40 years. It was AWESOME and the family that runs it the nicest people! Our waitress and I talked kids, pregnancies, etc. and she told me that a friend of hers came in for a gyro and was in labor 4 hours later - a thought which made me happy.
Well, by the time we attempted to go to bed I was having contractions 7-10 minutes apart. By 2:30am they were between 3 and 6 minutes apart and getting fairly uncomfortable. I called the doctor a little before 4am and she told us to go ahead to the hospital triage to see if I was actually in labor or not. We got there by 5:30 or so (after waking up our wonderful neighbors and getting someone to come down and be at the house while Katherine was still asleep). They monitored me for a while, told us to walk around that floor of the hospital for an hour, monitored me again, and were prepared to send me home.
God was with us because when we came back from our walk there had been a shift change for both the nurses at the hospital and the doctor on-call from my ob/gyn practice. Before sending us home the new nurse noted to the doctor that there were some slight decelerations in the baby's heart rate recorded. The doctor decided to play it safe and said that although that could be a result of absolutely nothing, he would admit me and break my water in an effort to get my contractions into a better pattern and get things moving with the birth. The doctor broke my water around 9:30am and at 3:59pm we welcomed Jack into the world!
We had a wonderful experience: great doctors, amazing nurses, just excellent care in general. James' parents came down to be with Katherine while we were in the hospital, arriving about 30 minutes after Jack was born. They took great care of Katherine, helping to make her transition a little easier. We came home Thursday around lunch to big hugs from Katherine. She is really excited to be a big sister!
We have enjoyed settling in as a brand new family of four. Friends and family have been absolutely wonderful wishing us well, visiting, bringing gifts, and bringing us food. We are so amazingly blessed! We are thankful for all of the gestures of love and friendship we have received. God bless you guys!
On another note, I created a family blog to post updates and pictures. So, if you are interested head over to Also, my version of project 365 officially began the day Jack was born (ha ha, taking the easy way out - who doesn't take pictures of a new baby?) so I will be posting a bunch from the last few days!