Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog Posts After Midnight?

Now I remember why my mom said she would name her book "Letters After Midnight." At about the two week mark in Jack's short life he decided that sleep in the middle of the night was overrated. In all fairness to him, I think he is exhibiting most of the signs of colic or as Dr. Sears puts it, he sounds like a "hurting baby." Poor guy is pretty gassy. I can't tell if it is something in my diet. Even with burping him after feedings (and sometimes during) he has bouts of what appears to be pain. He draws his legs up like a frog, then straightens his entire body out rigid as a board, then jerks his legs up again.

I think I may need to try cutting many of the usual suspects out of my diet to see if it helps his distress. Unfortunately that may mean not eating much of the great food that people have been generous enough to bring for us in the two weeks we've been home with Jack. Oh well, James and Katherine will still benefit from these offerings!

On another note, I seem to have failed miserably at keeping up with project 365. I can't imagine why (ha ha), I've only just brought home baby #2 and James has gone back to work full-time (including traveling). I just can't seem to keep up with taking a picture EVERY day. I still pledge to have the camera out more and take more pictures of the kiddos than I had been taking before. I just don't think I'll be able to take a picture every day. Oh well, it is a great idea!

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  1. Oh those late nights with newborns...I am not sure I am ready for that again. Unfortunately my 2yr. old doesn't consistently sleep all night either so I may be in for it come August. :(

    And the sling will help with the colic... Dr. Sears says that too. :)