Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two weeks of pictures for my 365

Sleepy boy! 5/10/08
As a friend once said: Real men wear pink! 5/9/08
Snug as a bug... 5/8/08
Who's wide awake in the middle of the night? 5/7/08

Awesome day at the park 5/6/08
Future babysitters 5/5/08
Playing on our very own playground 5/4/08
Multitasking 5/3/08
In my nursing throne 5/2/08
Proud Big Sister 5/1/08

Prou Mama and Daddy 4/30/08

Welcome to the world sweet boy! 4/29/08


  1. Love the pics... especially the one of you with Jack and the laptop. :) Mommy HAS to have her "ME" time!

  2. awe.. what a sweet bundle!