Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling old

Wow, I can't believe how disconcerting it is when your doctor is your age. Having recently moved to a new city we are going about the business of finding new doctors, etc. I found a well-recommended ob/gyn practice and called immediately assuming it would be a while before I could get in to see anyone. Much to my surprise, when I called they had a cancelation for an appointment just a couple of days later. Great, I thought! I looked on the website and noticed the doctor I was scheduled to see was newer to the practice, but I have a knack for picking younger doctors so I didn't think much of it.

Well, I finally made it to the exam room after a LONG registration process and wait. The very young nurse (with a very tasteful tiny stud piercing in her nose) left me in the room after taking my vitals and promised the doctor would be in soon. Imagine my surprise when in walks a guy who looks like he has barely graduated from college! A youthful appearance is one thing, but he looked so young I was taken aback.

Through the course of our introductory conversation he confirmed that we are the same age although I secretly think I may be a little older. How crazy is that! I have friends in residencies or fellowships following medical school and even practicing. I don't know why it seems so odd to me that one of them could be my doctors - just strange.


  1. I feel that way when watching football. It makes me feel ancient to see all these guys out there an know that I am probably older than every one of them (except the coaches, but even some of the coaches). I think you and I are about the same age (32, right). We are not old, but getting there! :) I even had to get reading/computer glasses. Yikes. :)
    Miss you. Hope y'all are settling in well.

  2. I felt that way at my OB visit a couple months ago. But it was the nurse that said "Dr. so and so, delivered me!" As she is taking my vitals and was soo much younger than me :? Kinda made me feel weird. She looked 22. Uggghh.