Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poor Little Brother

My son is beginning to experience what it means to have a big sister. I am sure there are good things (I will have to consult my own little brother) and even great things, but being dressed up by your big sister is probably not one of the highlights.

Poor Jack is, at this very moment, wearing a fluffy pink tutu that plays music when you move and his sister is dragging him around the house calling him Princess Jack. He is actually pretty darned cute, even with the pink hair clip that Katherine added to complete his ensemble.

I will have to post the photo I took with my phone. Apparently he didn't like it much - it lasted all of three minutes before he was practically tearing it off. Could be that he is just not used to costumes!

I remember putting make-up on my brother, painting his fingernails, doing his hair, etc. He was our favorite test subject! Of course, this was after I moved beyond dressing the poor cat in doll clothes. I am probably lucky I wasn't scratched!

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