Sunday, July 6, 2008

I swear she isn't a sleeper...

...but by the looks of these photos you would think she sleeps all the time!
In this photo she was in the basement watching a movie while I was doing something upstairs. When I realized that I hadn't heard from her in a while I went down to check on her and found her fast asleep in the Baby Papasan. She ended up sleeping like that for three hours!
In this photo we had been up WAY to early. She woke up around 5:30 (I think) and just wouldn't go back to sleep. So we eventually made it downstairs where she was sitting in the living room, eating cereal and watching a cartoon (Super Why on PBS, I think) while I did dishes in the kitchen. When I finished I came in to see if she was finished with her cereal and found her like this, fast asleep!
She is finally sleeping on her own through the night. Sometimes we can even leave her room before she is asleep and she stays in there and falls asleep (not without much protesting). Amazing how far we've come!

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  1. 5:30 is our normal wake-up call around here, when we're lucky. Lucas has never been a great sleeper. He still wakes up occasionally in the middle of the night and needs only to be put back in bed. I still have to get my drowsy self out of bed though.... I hope this next one is better sleeper! :)
    Great pics!

    P.S.~ Thanks for your prayers!