Friday, July 25, 2008

On the road...again

So, all of the catching up I intended to do after our first marathon trip didn't happen and here we are ready to leave again in a couple of days! I'll have to post about our travels sometime soon. This next trip I won't personally be so busy above and beyond the normal craziness that is being a SAHM of a dramatically precocious 2 1/2 year old and an adorable 3 month old. So, if the place we are staying has wireless internet I hope to get some blogging done during naptime, etc.

We haven't even really unpacked from the first trip and I now have two days to unpack, launder, and repack our stuff for this next trip. Fun stuff!

On a side note, our cute little Jack has already begun a modeling career. Not really, but a friend of ours is launching a website to sell these adorable hats that she knits and Jack is one of her models. She has one pic up of him that I took a few weeks ago and she came over today and took a few more. Katherine may get in on the action at some point too. Her shop is called Buttons and Bows and the hats are just too cute! The website is under construction as she has only done these locally so far (the one Jack is wearing below was a gift from her when he was born), but she hopes to have a much more extensive gallery soon.

The look on his face in this pic is hysterical. She used a different one of him in this hat on her site.

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