Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ugh, as if not being a morning person weren't bad enough, Katherine is not fun in the morning at all. Even if, by some miracle, she wakes up somewhat pleasant, by the time we have fought our way through going potty, eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and getting stuff together for school - at least one of us has likely yelled and she has often melted down.

Weekend mornings (OK, Saturday mornings since we have to get up for church on Sunday) are marginally better because we aren't rushing to get somewhere. However, she is still pretty grumpy.

I know I am not a morning person (I inherited that gene so come by it naturally!), but that coupled with a grumpy preschooler is no fun for anyone. This morning we have already had a complete meltdown, but we are running ahead of schedule so she has had some time to calm down. At least I won't have to drop her off at school with a tear-streaked face, cringing inwardly at what I imagine the teachers are thinking (when in reality they are probably much more understanding of my perspective than I fear).

Now I just hope Jack can amuse himself for 10 minutes while I shower before going to the Parents Tea at Katherine's school - showering with my foot holding the door closed so he doesn't come join me is SO fun!


  1. Caden has crawled in the shower more times than I can count. I shower with him sitting on the bathroom floor with the door half open so he can see me. Otherwise, he FREAKS OUT!! So, at the end of my shower, I have to dry off myself and my baby.
    I have learned that mommy showering on a morning when we have to be anywhere ALWAYS makes us at least 15min. late. ALWAYS!! So much for mommy EVER being "that girl who has it all together." Oh Well!

    Hope you feel loved and cherished today!

  2. grumpy in the morning? I used to know a James Kanary who was just a little bit grumpy in the morning, too... :)