Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OK, So I'm A Freak About Weather

I really have an overactive sense of self-preservation when it comes to weather. I have had nightmares about tornados since I was a kid (probably stemming from the description my half-brother gave me of living through one - a description I now recognize as totally pulling my leg). I just get a little freaked out.

This is one of the many reasons I appreciate our basement (especially since we had it finished into a family room). The kids and I camped out in the basement yesterday afternoon and all night last night during several hours of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches. I guess camping isn't a great analogy since we have a big TV, a comfy couch, a full bathroom, and a kitchenette (fridge, microwave, etc.). The only part of the analogy that holds true is the fact that we didn't sleep in our own beds.

Luckily Katherine eventually did take a nap while I hawkishly watched the weather coverage from one of our local stations. Then another front was predicted to come through overnight so we took the back cushions off the couch, got a light blanket, and the three of us settled down to sleep on the couch. My wonderfully understanding husband (who doesn't make sense of my mania) suggested I pull out the couch (it folds out to a queen bed) and I should have taken his advice. I may have gotten more sleep had I taken his advice. It just seemed like too much work at the time.

The only damage that actually happened in our area was some fallen tree branches. So, I really had nothing to worry about. But, you never know how things will play out and we have had damage done to the outside of our house as a result of fallen tree branches during previous storms.

I guess I'll just be glad when tornados are out of season, I don't mind snow storms nearly as much!

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