Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Speaking of rain...

If you could pick any sound to capture inside a little wooden ball mean to be a child's toy, what would it be? Me? I would choose the sound that those rain sticks make. Kind of like "chshshshsh" - maybe? Spelling a sound is harder than it seems!

One of my favorite blogs is Z Recommends. Over at Z Recs today they have a review for Haba Discovery Balls. They are small wooden balls that make different noises (one clacks, one squeaks, etc.). They are meant for children 12 months and up, but I think if they had one that made the sound of a rain stick I would carry it around!

Maybe we should get some of these for Jack - although at five weeks old I think he'll have to gain some skills (neck control, sitting up, grasping, etc.) before he would enjoy them much!

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