Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl

I can't believe that Katherine is 3. Where has the time gone? When did she become this tornado of laughter, pigtails, dresses, my chagrin...whining? She is talkative, expressive, impressionable, and absolutely beautiful!

She is in preschool three days a week and has started to assert her independence at every opportunity. She can clear her plate from the table after a meal (take it to the kitchen, dump the remaining food in the garbage can, and put the plate/cup/utensils in the sink). She can feed the dog and cat. She knows how to access the basic functions on our video iPod, her clock radio/cd player, and her portable DVD player.

She can undress and dress herself (but we are unfortunately embroiled in a battle of the wills over potty training). Lately she has inexplicably decided that she must wear a dress EVERY DAY. She whines something about not being a princess or not going to the ball if she isn't in a dress - drat those Disney princesses! I was somewhat of a tomboy, I am mystified by the NEED to wear a dress every day - I still avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

She loves taking care of her baby brother Jack - unless he spits up, she actually gagged the other day when he spit up on her. She always wants to be at the front of the pack, becoming very frustrated that our dog Hunter doesn't let her "leave the way."

She has several "best friends" and goes into hysterics that any pre-teen worth her salt would be proud of if we can't visit them the absolute INSTANT she deems it necessary. She greets her friends with the most excited scream/hug/kiss combo you will ever see and introduces complete strangers as her friends (or even her sisters). Luckily these strangers are usually pint-sized and followed around by a mom of their own so the stranger lecture isn't necessary in this particular context.

Her capacity to feel emotion (good and bad) is exhausting. The sheer joy she finds in some things (often exhibited by sounds only dogs can hear) is infectious (unless I have a migraine). The sadness she feels in the face of even the most trivial slight by a friend is amazing. The mischief in her eye when she is pushing the limits (or more often, barreling through them) can be lovable and infuriating.

Her soft hair curls at the ends when put into pigtails. Her eyes are a complex patchwork of color. She is petite, yet strong. Essentially, she is just amazing. All of this and she's only 3. Sweet Girl, you have made me more aware of who I am - my positive attributes and my shortcomings. You are a force of nature. I pray that God helps your Daddy and I be the parents that you need to grow strong, confident, and self-assured yet humble, faithful, and sympathetic.

I love you. Happy Birthday.
- Mama

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