Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pony Tattoos

Do you remember My Little Pony from the 80's? Plastic ponies with long tails and manes you could brush. Like Care Bears (another wonderful toy from the 80's) they each have names and are emblazoned with a picture that characterizes their name. The bears have their personality on their bellies, the ponies have theirs on their hind quarters.

Well, both toys are still around (or have made comebacks). Katherine received a couple My Little Ponies for her birthday. They are cute and some of them even come with plastic clothes and shoes! Katherine was playing with her ponies this afternoon (her horse obsession is another post) when she came up to me saying "Look Mommy, she has a tattoo!" She was pointing to the picture on the pony's hind quarters.

So funny! Hmmm...I wonder if her knowledge of tattoos comes from the temporary tattoos she has gotten at fairs, etc. or mommy's real tattoo!

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